AIT Brain Lab

Established in 2019, we are bunch of engineers and scientists at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, specialize in the field of language, computer vision, and human-computer interaction.

We welcomed students from all disciplines but those with a huge passion for publishing in top-tier journals/conferences or making startup-related product.

Topics we are interested range from developing foundational models for Thai language, and researching on efficient models, summarization, medical visual QA, BCI speller and much more. You can visit Dr. Chaklam website for more information.

We got some video demos that you may be interested to take a look.


Specialized in providing customized NLP solution using large language models.

Image analysis and generation

Specialized in providing customized CV solution using OpenCV, PyTorch, and YOLO.

Brain-Computer Interface

Specialize in engineering brain-computer interface applications such as emotion recognition, neurofeedback, motor imagery, P300, and SSVEP.


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58 Moo 9 Phahonyothin Road, Tambon Khlong Nung, Amphoe Khlong Luang